She has been the PI of ten projects, most of them funded from competitive sources, managing a network of different academic partners and industrial partners, and participated in 16 research projects as a member.

    Principal Investigator

  • Ongoing

    Magal Constellation - The Consortium seeks to understand long-term variability in local, regional, and global climate induced by ocean hydrographic (temperature and salinity) variation. Improved spatial and temporal resolution can be obtained by developing the next generation of radar altimeter instruments to be adapted for a future constellation of small satellites (the MAGAL Constellation). MAGAL also includes an innovative data and information processing and visualization system, using advanced high-performance modeling, estimation techniques, statistical and scientific machine learning methods, and error analysis in data gathered from different sources.

    Project funded through the International Partnerships - UT Austin

    IN+ contribution: definition of the business case

  • Aeros - Development of a Nanosatelite plataforma as a percursor of a future constellation to leverage the space/ocean scientific and economic synergies.

    Project funded through the International Partnerships - MIT

    IN+ contribution: definition of the business case

  • Port XXI - Development of a Port monitoring system

    Subcontracted through a Project funded by the European Space Agency (ESA).

    IN+ contribution: Viability Analysis

  • Plataforma Ensinar e Aprender Ativamente (PEAA): Implementação pedagógica de metodologias ativas em sala de aula, Projeto Inovação Pedagógica, funded by IST

  • Beyond Additive

    Funded by ANI (Innovation Agency).

    Partners: CEiiA, Adira

  • Previous Projects

    Exploring the relationship between digital technologies and work in manufacturing firms: co- evolution and consequences in Portugal, Brazil and the United States.

    MIT Portugal Partnership (MPP2030) Research Seed Fund Program

    Partners: MIT Work of the Future initiative; MIT Industrial Performance Center

  • Supply and Demand of technology and knowledge in the Algarve Region in the context of the National Strategy for Smart Specialization, Commissioned by the University of Algarve

    Partners: CRIA

  • Innovation Dynamics in Aeronautics and Embraer in Évora: Entrepreneurial Research Initiative

    Funded by the Portuguese Science Foundation, CMU-Portugal Program (CMUP-ERI/TPE/0011/2013)

    Partners: IDMEC/IST, INESCTEC, Carnegie Mellon University, Embraer Portugal, CEIIA

  • Human capital formation in young firms and the crisis: A comparative analysis of Portugal and Germany

    Funded by SEEK Research Program

    Partners: Institute for Employment Research (IAB) of the German Federal Employment Agency (BA); Brunel University London; Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW)