The viXra project

viXra is an electronic e-print archive set up by independent physicist Phil Gibbs as an alternative to the dominant arXiv service operated by Cornell University.

The arXiv started as space of freedom open to submissions from any researcher. But, in the same measure as it gradually gained visibility and reputation, it started a policy of "endorsment" and "moderation" raising difficulties and even blocking people from submitting. It has became conservative, somewhat similar to the peer review system, albeit much more arbitrary. Equally deplorable, the interactions between authors and the arXiv are made in Kafka or Orwellian big brother style, with "anonymous editors".

The arXiv case is a very sad example of how power corrupts or, in a more pessimistic view, how some utopias simply cannot survive. For a good tale on the latter topic I suggest reading The gladiators by Arthur Koestler .

viXra, which is just arXiv spelled backwards, is more than a parody to highlight Cornell University's unacceptable censorship policy. Unlike the arXiv, it is truly open to scientists from all walks of life. If you believe in the power of freedom, I invite you to support this project by submitting your articles to viXra.