Curation of elementary data

I have been participating in the effort of IPFN to contribute to the curation of elementary data and databases in the low-temperature plasma community. Our group, lead by Prof. Luís L. Alves, participates in the LXcat project, through the IST-Lisbon database. I was strongly involved in the development and distribution of our complete and consistent cross section sets for CO2, CO, NO and H2O.

LXcat is an open-access website for collecting, displaying, and downloading electron and ion scattering cross sections, swarm parameters (mobility, diffusion coefficient, etc.), reaction rates, energy distribution functions, etc. and other data required for modeling low temperature plasmas.

Simulation tools

I am actively involved in the development of the kinetic code LoKI (LisbOn KInetics), a numerical simulation tool with a modular structure, embedding a Boltzmann solver (LoKI-B) and a chemistry solver (LoKI-C) for the different gases/gas-mixtures. LoKI provides the combined chemical and transport description of plasma charged and neutral species, both in volume and surface phases, for user-defined mixture compositions, pressure, radial dimension and excitation conditions.

The initial development of LoKI was made in the framework of project KIT-PLASMEBA.

I also contributed to the development of an open-source Monte Carlo code to describe the electron kinetics (LoKI-MC), a beautiful project carried out by Tiago C. Dias.

Representative papers

Last update: February 2023