Inês Alves

Computer Science and Engineering​ Master's Student

About Me

I was born in Bragança, Portugal and since 2017, I'm a student at Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisbon University. I am attending the Master's in Computer Science and Engineering in the Interaction and Visualization and Games specializations. I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 2021 at the same institution. I studied music at Music and Dance Conservatory of Bragança until 2017, playing flute. Also, I attended some dance groups. I love listening to music, travel, watching series and films and going to music concerts and summer festival. More information: 


My Portofolio

Multimedia Content Production

Photoshop Edition Works
Illustrator Edition Works
Premiere and After-Effects Edition Works
Audacity Edition Works

"Micro Machines" Candy Chase Game

Game developed in Computer Graphics for Games course in OpenGL in team work with Inês Oliveira

Sea Life Project

Developed in Virtual Reality course in Unity in team work with Lídia Custódio and Inês Oliveira

Masks of Nature Game

Small prototype game developed in Unity in Game Design course in team work with André Silva, Gonçalo Diogo and Tiago Dias

Blindoff Game

Project developed in python in Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems course with team work with Márcia Marques and Inês Oliveira

Ray Tracing Development

T. Whitted Ray-Tracer project with techniques of Distribution Ray Tracing and other techniques and funcionalities developed in P3D Programing course in team work with Diogo Sá and Vítor Vale

LiveEvent App

Project developed in Flutter and TypeScript​ in User-Centered Design and Evaluation course in team work with Ana Silva, Beatriz Feliciano, Guilherme Nunes, João Fonseca and Pedro Maximino