Manuel Goulão

mgoulao _at_

Mathematics building, room 5.39
Instituto Superior Técnico
Av. Rovisco Pais 1
1049-001, Lisboa, PORTUGAL

I'm a PhD student in Information Security at Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon with a scholarship from the DP-PMI. I'm part of the research group SQIG and my supervisor is Prof. Paulo Mateus.


My research interests are in post-quantum cryptography, in the analysis and development of cryptographic protocols, namely in secure multiparty computation. I'm interested in both the theoretical aspects and their implementations.

I was teaching assistant for Cryptography and Communications Security, Fall 2018. Awarded "IST Excellent Professor".

I'm an organizer of the SQIG Student Seminar, an informal meeting for students to share ideas and interests - Schedule.

Security CTF

I like playing Security CTFs. I play for STT, the security team of IST, and am currently its captain.

In 2018, we ranked 18th best academic, and 49th best overall team worldwide (according to CTFtime).
STT was the 3rd best EU academic team in 2018 ! CSAW 2018 European finals. (news article)

In 2019 I'll be part of the national team of Portugal in the ENISA European Cyber Security Challenge. (news article)

Publications (dblp)

Slides for my past presentations.

Posts I wrote about crypto stuff I liked (mostly CTFs).

Last updated: September-2019