Schedule - SQIG Student Seminar

Date Author Title Resources
13.11.2019 Rafael Monteiro Deriving a Publicly Verifiable Threshold Signature Scheme From a Digital Signature Scheme
14.10.2019 Ricardo Faleiro Counterfactual communication protocols and the multitime state formalism
08.04.2019 Mariano Lemus On minimum conditions for secure commitments
01.04.2019 José Leitão Physical unclonable functions
25.03.2019 Preeti Yadav Quantum contract signing slides
18.03.2019 Bruno Mera A crash course on free fermions
11.03.2019 Bruno Mera Information geometry in the analysis of phase transitions video
25.02.2019 Pedro Branco Post-quantum authenticated Key Exchange
18.02.2019 Ricardo Faleiro Entanglement Harvesting in QFT and QKD without Quantum Channels
11.02.2019 Manuel Goulão Universally Composable OT from One Round Key Exchange slides