Schedule - SQIG Student Seminar

Mondays, 14h30

Note: If you want to give a talk (or add Resources), send an email to the ML, or mgoulao _at_ or pmbranco _at_
Date Author Title Resources
08.04.2019 Mariano Lemus On minimum conditions for secure commitments
01.04.2019 José Leitão Physical unclonable functions
25.03.2019 Preeti Yadav Quantum contract signing slides
18.03.2019 Bruno Mera A crash course on free fermions
11.03.2019 Bruno Mera Information geometry in the analysis of phase transitions video
25.02.2019 Pedro Branco Post-quantum authenticated Key Exchange
18.02.2019 Ricardo Faleiro Entanglement Harvesting in QFT and QKD without Quantum Channels
11.02.2019 Manuel Goulão Universally Composable OT from One Round Key Exchange slides