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I am a Senior Researcher at INESC-ID.

Pleasse check my current and past research projects/activities listed on the ORCID Record at the ORCID registry

Research Interests: Web Engineering and NLP: information retrieval and text mining, information integration (mainly biologic and geographic). Biomedical Informatics. Digital libraries: archiving and preserving the web.

I am interested in various aspects of web engineering. My current projects are related to web data integration, information retrieval and digital libraries. In the long term, I envision a world where all knowledge-centered organizations operate in a similar way to that of today´s publishers, where specialized workers cooperate in activities of gathering, editing and publishing customized information. In this world, millions of networked devices are used to produce, and access information. "Static documents" will still exist, but most information will be continuously updated and monitored by these devices, which will take actions (or make decisions) upon analysis of the information's contents.

In my research projects, we experiment and develop new technologies, which we attempt to validate using the engineering method. We evaluate existing systems and technologies extensively and then formulate and test solutions to hypotheses. Validation of the hypotheses is made by analysis and evaluation of the prototypes of the information systems that we build. We then iteratively improve the solutions based on what we learned from the previous prototype. Projects are highly inter-disciplinary, demanding knowledge of natural language processing, algorithms and data structures, database systems, networking and distributed systems, and user interface design.