About me

I am a doctoral student in the CMU-Portugal dual-degree PhD program in Software Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and Computer Science and Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) - Universidade de Lisboa.

I am being kindly advised by Prof. Paolo Romano at IST and Prof. David Garlan at CMU. I am currently working as graduate research assistant at Institute for Software Research (ISR) where I integrate the ABLE Group, and as researcher at IST and in the Distributed Systems Group at INESC-ID Lisboa where I am currently envolved in the CAMELOT research project.

Research Interests

My research and main areas of interest are focused in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Optimization, and Computer Networks.


Information also available on Google Scholar.

Articles in Proceedings

  • TrimTuner: Efficient Optimization of Machine Learning Jobs in the Cloud via Sub-Sampling.

    Pedro Mendes, Maria Casimiro, Paolo Romano, David Garlan , MASCOTS 2020.

  • Thesis

  • Leveraging Subsampling Techniques to Optimize Machine Learning Jobs in the Cloud.

    Pedro Mendes (supervised by Professors Paolo Romano and João Nuno Silva) MSc. Thesis, IST, Universidade de Lisboa, November 2019.

  • Other Articles

  • HyperJump: Accelerating HyperBand via Risk Modelling.

    Pedro Mendes, Maria Casimiro, Paolo Romano, 2021.

  • Hyper-Parameter Tuning using Bayesian Optimization.

    Pedro Mendes, 2021.

  • Social


    • Address

      INESC-ID Lisboa
      Rua Alves Redol Nº 9
      Room 501
      1000-029, Lisboa, Portugal
    • Address

      ISR - TCS Hall 412 (office)
      ISR - TCS Hall 430 (mail)
      4665 Forbes Avenue
      Pittsburgh, PA, US, 15213

    Last Updated: Oct 2021