Pedro Quintas

Computer Scientist


I'm a Computer Science and Engineering student at Instituto Superior T├ęcnico in Lisbon, Portugal. I learned to code at a very young age, and throughout my time in school it was one of my favorite hobbies. I really like creating cool things - video games, applications, web sites, visualizations, interactive experiences, and a lot of other stuff - and programming always felt like it allowed me to create cooler stuff faster. As such, I decided to study Computer Science at University and try to create cool stuff with programming for a living.

My main focus of study has been Computational Creativity - a sub-area of Artificial Intelligence which focuses on studying creativity through a computational lens, and creating systems that display creative behavior or aide in creative tasks. I did my Master's thesis in this area, which is titled Music Creation from Found Sounds: An Approach from Computational Creativity. For this thesis, with the aid of my advisors and a lot of input from my colleagues, I created SoundMusic, a system that turns audio files into weird Electroacoustic Compositions inspired the style of Curtis Roads and Eliane Radigue.

Before working in my thesis, I completed specializations in Interaction and Visualization and Games. I was also a Teaching Assistant for the class on Information Visualization, helping to edit a series of videos exposing the theoretical concepts relevant for that class.

But before all of that, I completed a Bologna Degree in Information Systems and Computer Engineering, at Instituto Superior Tecnico. While completing this degree I also worked on several side projects: I did a Summer Internship at a company called Collab, where I worked on the initial functional prototype for the OneContact Flows product, focusing primarily on the functionality of creating chat-bots capable of understanding natural language. I also volunteered, first as a Front-End Developer and later as a Full-Stack Developer, for Alinhavo - a small organization that tried to raise awareness for the importance of sustainable clothing.

If you want to see more stuff I made, you can check out my GitHub Profile. I also have a YouTube Channel where I dump videos created in the context of my projects. Finally, I sometimes make music, often in the context of my research, but also just for fun. You can hear it on my BandCamp Page.