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Universe Matters is a website for current and future students and researchers at the Cosmos and Stars group (COSTAR) of the Center for Astrophysics and Gravitation (CENTRA) at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon.

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PhD thesis opportunities

Are you a highly-motivated student with a strong academic record aiming to pursue a PhD degree in Cosmology or Astrophysics? PhD fellowships are regularly available through IDPASC, FCT and La Caixa competitive calls.

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MSc thesis opportunities

Are you a bright MSc student looking for possible thesis subjects  at the frontier of particle physics and cosmology? MSc dissertation topics are regularly offered within the IST MEFT programme.


Journal Club

The COSTAR Journal Club takes place Wednesdays at 4 PM on a 2-week basis.

13th October

Setup meeting

20th October

Joan Bachs-Esteban

3rd November

José Maria Vargas Lopes

17th November

Sabyasachi Goswami

1st December


15th December

Santiago Gonzalez Gaitan

12th January

Giorgio Laverda

26th January

Joao Duarte

9th February

Matteo Piani

23th February

Javier Rubio

9th March

Beatriz Pereira

23th March

Joao Silvestre

6th April

Ilidio Lopes