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Hi, My name is Basanta and I am a Full-Stack Developer. Let me tell you little bit about myself. I am originally from Nepal and now I am living in Lisbon for almost 10 years. I did my Bachelor's in Computer Engineering from one of the best universities in Europe, IST - University of Lisbon. Last year I decided to have some hands-on experience before choosing my area of interests for Master's degree. So, I joined Agap2IT as an intern. During my internship I got to work in 4 different projects. One of them focused on backend, another in frontend and others as a full-stack developer. I continued to work as a junior consultant and developer in integration department in Hospital CUF. During my experience in these different projects I learnt to solve similar problem using different stacks of technologies like Microsoft stack or Google Stack and even explored that I actually also liked frontend which I never thought I would love to work with. Although I worked as a developer I realised that I also liked solution design. During my bachelor's, I also had enjoyed a lot about database. Hence, I decided to pursue my Master's with the specialization in Information Systems and Enterprise systems. Currently, I am preparing to work on my Master's Thesis.



📧 basanta.poudel@tecnico.ulisboa.pt
📞 +351 918088186