• I joined the CSE Department at Instituto Superior Técnico in the Fall of 2021.
  • I was Head of Data Science at Value for Health CoLAB
  • I successfully defended my PhD thesis “Temporal Information Models for Real-time Microblog Search“ (November 29, 2018)


Flávio Martins is involved in healthcare innovation projects that use technology to collect and analyze patient data to improve health outcomes. At VOH.CoLab he builds and validates intelligent information systems and services through real-world testing with patients and caregivers. His work focuses on precision medicine and assessing risk of frailty in patients’ from their clinical history. He also develops intelligent tools for better health communication and fighting misinformation in Consumer Health Search. Parallel to his work at VOH.CoLab he teaches Information Processing and Retrieval at Instituto Superior Técnico.

Flávio Martins holds a PhD in Computer Science (2018) from Universidade NOVA de Lisboa for research on mining newsworthy events from social media, in collaboration with the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, USA. At FCT NOVA he managed the Zarco Big Data and Artificial Intelligence cluster with over 100TB storage and Deep Learning capabilities, a critical infrastructure for several research groups. At Instituto Superior Técnico he taught Information Systems and Databases.

Flávio Martins publishes at top-tier conferences such as ACM WSDM, ACM ICTIR, ECIR, and WWW and is a regular member of program committees for these and other conferences in similar areas such as SIGIR, ACMMM, and KDD. He has participated in several international research projects in consortia with top institutions such as the BBC and Carnegie Mellon University. He is an integrated member in the NOVA Laboratory for Computer Science and Informatics and Associate member in the Comprehensive Health Research Center. His research has received awards and distinctions such as an ACM Intl Conference on the Theory of Information Retrieval 2018 nomination for best paper. His work on the news misinformation project received an award from in 2019 and best demo award in the European Conference on Information Retrieval 2020.


Flávio Martins

INESC-ID Office #436
Av Alves Redol 9 Lisboa
1000-029 Lisboa

Emails: flavio.f.martins[at]