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Conference Proceedings

  • Faria, F., REIS, V. (2015). An Original Simulation Model to Improve the Order Picking Performance: Case Study of an Automated Warehouse. 6th International Conference, ICCL 2015 Delft, The Netherlands, September 23–25, 2015. Download 
  • Domingues, L., REIS, V., Macário, R. (2015).  A comprehensive framework for measuring performance in a third-party logistic provider. 18th Euro Working Group on Transportation , Delft, 14-16 July. Download 
  • REIS, V., Ricci, S. (2015). From Running Trains to providing Customer Service. Update of the annual survey on Training Topics and Methods. 3rd UIC World Congress on Rail Training 2015 , Lisbon, 15-17 April. Download 
  • Magalhães, J., REIS, V., Macário, R. (2014).  Modelling Flexibility at Lisbon Airport Terminals. ATRS World Conference 2014 , Bordeaux, 17-20 July.
  • Ribeiro, J., REIS, V., Macário, R. (2014).  Integration of e-bikes for transport of freight, passengers and provision of services in urban context: limitations and potentialities. PLURIS 2014 - 6º Congresso luso-brasileiro para planeamento urbano, regional, integrado e sustentável , Lisbon, 24-26 September, pp 1222 - 1233. Download  or Download 
  • REIS, V., Macário, R. (2014). Assessing the Person-Job Fit in the European Union Aviation Industries using a Competency Gap Assessment Framework. Transportation Research Board, 93rd Annual Meeting , Washington, 12-16 January. Download 
  • Magalhães, L., REIS, V., Macário, R. (2013). Factor And Cluster Analysis Applied To Flexible Airports’ Performance Data. Air Transport Research Society World Conference , Bergamo, 26-29 June. Download 
  • Magalhães, L., REIS, V., Macário, R. (2013). Airport Flexibility: A First Glimpse On The External Factors. 13th World Conference on Transport Research , Rio de Janeiro, July 15-18. Download 
  • REIS, V., Macário, R. (2013). Promoting Integrated Passenger Transport Solutions Using a Business Approach. 13th World Conference on Transport Research , Rio de Janeiro, July 15-18. Download  
  • Barreira, A., REIS, V., Macário, R (2013). Competitiveness of the High Speed Rail Lisbon-Madrid Corridor Analysis Based on Discrete Choice Models. Transportation Research Board, 92nd Annual Meeting , Washington, January 13-17. Download  
  • REIS, V., Macário, R. (2012) . Prototypes of business models for improved intermodal transport of passengers. European Transport Conference 2012 , October 8-10, Glasgow, UK. Download  
  • Magalhães, L., REIS, V., Macário, R. (2012). Flexible Development of Airports: where we stand now?. AIRDEV Conference 2012 , April 19, Lisbon, Portugl. Download  
  • REIS, V., Macário, R (2012). Competences Gaps in the European Railways Transport Sector. Transportation Research Board, 91st Annual Meeting, Washington, January 22-26. Download 
  • Peneda, M., REIS, V., Macario, R (2011). Critical factors for the development of airport cities. Transportation Research Record, 90th Annual Meeting, Washington, January 22-27.  Download 
  • Marinov, M., Pachl, J., Lautala, P., Macário, R., REIS, V., Edwards, J. (2011). Policy-Oriented Measures for Tuning and Intensifying Rail Higher Education on both Sides of the Atlantic. 4th International Seminar on Railway Operations Modelling and Analysis - RailRome, 16 – 18 February 2011, Rome, Italy. Download  
  • REIS, V., Macário, R. (2010). Factors of Competitiveness of Passenger Airlines in the Cargo Market. World Conference on Transport Research 2010, 11-15 July 2010, Lisbon, Portugal.  Download 
  • REIS, V., Macário, R. (2009). Spectrum of competitiveness of passenger airlines on air cargo market. 1Air Transport Research Society Conference, 27-30 June, Abu Dhabi. Download  
  • Macário, R., REIS, V. (2008). Architecture of an information system for an intermodal transport service. International Engineering Management Conference – Europe 2008, EEE Operations Centre, Piscataway, USA, ISBN: 9781424422883, pp 415 – 419. Download  
  • Macário, R., Viegas, J., REIS, V. (2008). Impact of low cost operation in the development of airports and local economies. 1º Workshop APDR - O Impacto dos Aeroportos no Desenvolvimento Regional, November 28, Lisbon. Download  
  • REIS, V.; Macário, R. (2008). Fitness: an agent based modelling approach to freight intermodal chains. European Transport Conference , October 6-8 2008, Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands. Download  
  • Macário, R., Filipe, L., Martins, P., REIS, V. (2007). Urban Mobility Management: what about distribution of urban goods?. 11th World Conference Transporte Research, June 24-28, Berkely (California). Download  
  • Macário R., Filipe L., REIS, V. (2006). Mobilidade urbana sustentável: e a distribuição de mercadorias?.  PLURIS 2006 - 2º Congresso Luso Brasileiro para o Planeamento, Urbano, Regional , Integrado, Sustentável. Braga, Portugal. Download 
  • Button K., REIS, V., Costa, A. (2004). How to control airline routes from the supply side – the case of TAP. 10th World Conference on Transportation Research  . Istanbul, Turkey.
  • REIS, V., Quintanilha J. (2003). Mechanical behavior of underground cavities in rock salt. Proceedings of the 15th European Young Geotechincal Engineers Conference. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Menezes J, REIS, V. Guerreiro V. (2002). Armazenagem Subterrânea de Gás Natural. Descrição e Modelo Numérico Tridimensional, XII Congresso Brasileiro de Mecânica dos Solos e Engenharia Geotécnica. São Paulo, Brasil.
  • Menezes J, REIS, V. Guerreiro V. (2002) Three-Dimensional Numerical Model of Two Caverns for Natural Gas Storage in Carriço. Congresso Bianual (Fall 2002 Meeting) do Solution Mining Research Institute. Bad Isch, Áustria.
  • REIS, V., Menezes J. (2002). Modelo numérico tridimensional de duas cavernas de armazenagem de Gás Natural. 8º Congresso de Geotecnia. Lisboa, Portugal.

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