Filipe Casal

I'm an InfoSec PhD student at IST, Universidade de Lisboa in the DP-PMI. I'm supervised by João Rasga.

My main research interests are in the areas of logic, automated reasoning, Kolmogorov complexity and security. In particular,

  • combination of first-order satisfiability solvers
  • Kolmogorov complexity characterization of one-way functions
  • formal methods to prevent and mitigate side-channel attacks.

Filipe Casal

Selected publications

Generalized probabilistic satisfiability.

Carlos Caleiro, Filipe Casal, Andreia Mordido

LFSA 2016

Preprint | Github

Revisiting the equivalence of shininess and politeness

Filipe Casal and João Rasga

LPAR 2013

Preprint | DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-45221-5_15

Other publications

Multiple-Model Adaptive State Estimation of the HIV-1 Infection using a Moving Horizon Approach

Filipe Casal, A. Pedro Aguiar, João M. Lemos

ECC 2013



Master of Science in Mathematics and Applications

July 2013

Department of Mathematics | IST, Universidade de Lisboa

Master's thesis: On Nelson-Oppen Techniques

Thesis advisor: Prof. João Rasga


Departamento de Matemática
Instituto Superior Técnico
Av. Rovisco Pais 1049-001, Lisboa

fmrcasal AT math DOT tecnico DOT ulisboa DOT pt