Sandra Gama
Professor and Researcher.
Visual arts enthusiast.

Outside Academia

Visual Arts
Photography I love capturing the beauty of things through my objective and making them a little bit mine.
Illustration I truly enjoy creating vectorial art, usually just for personal projects.

Learning Languages
Japanese I lived in Japan for some months and I fell in love with it. So now I'm attending Japanese classes. すごいですね
Italian Io parlo un pò l'Italiano. Ho imparato come autodidatta, solo perché mi piace la lingua. A volte leggo e scrivo in italiano.

Travel Bug
Who doesn't have one? Well, I do have the travel bug. I'm always planning the next trip...

So many things... Passionate about music in general, I'm particularly into singing (I'm a soprano and had singing lessons). Apart from that, I also love writing and attending workshops for no special reason, just because they catch my attention :)
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