Academic Portfolio Activities & Projects

BlokusDuo FPGA + Arduino Design Competition

Portuguese workshop on reconfigurable systems 2019-2018 (REC2018/9)

Organized a design competition based on the Blokus Duo board game for university students.

2019 2018

High-level synthesis with FPGAs for real-time video stream processing

EE1 Laboratory at Imperial College London

Created a framework to support real-time video processing on a DE2 board, from Terasic, using peripherals such as the analogue video input, ps2 mouse, 7-segment displays, switches, push-buttons and VGA output. The students implemented the logic on the video datapath using Catapult-C

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Setup for Voltage and Temperature Variation of FPGAs

Platform for testing low-power and overclocking techniques on FPGAs

System to set the core voltage and temperature of FPGA devices. The system was able to produce temperatures between -2C and +70C

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USB Temperature Sensor

based on the DS1820 1-wire sensor from Dallas

USB Thermometer circuit for the Matlab-Python experiment at Imperial College London, in which the students had to complete the device's initialization, access the information from the sensor, store it on a remote database using Python. Later, they had to use Matlab to retrieve the information from the database and produce statistics from that data

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Stochastic Computing Autonomous Line-Follower Robot on an FPGA

Demonstration of analogue I/O interface for Stochastic Computing-based systems

The line follower's analogue sensors and actuators are connected to the DE0-Nano FPGA board which, using stochastic computing, to control the robot without using ADCs and DACs

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RC Car with User Autentication via ECG

Demonstration of Cardio-Id's technology

The remote control of the RC car was hacked to include Cardio ID's technology so that only authorized users could drive the car

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Access Control System

Comissioned by Datelka and developed at Cardio-Id

Embedded system for access control using contactless MIFARE/RFID cards and keys. It offers a user interface with a display and a keyboard.

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Electronics Club Activities at the Autonomous University of Lisbon

Establishing the bridge between theory and practice via DIY thematic activities (Christmas, Valentines, etc.)

Promoted students groups to build their own electronic kits making use of the knowledge from previous classes. Also introduced them to platforms such as Arduino and Raspberry-pi by organizing small workshops

Intelligent emergency alerting system for search & rescue teams

Extra-curricular student's project at the Autonomous University of Lisbon

Novel system to alert about the status of elements of rescue teams

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Analogue Telephone Terminal Interface for Digital Communication Systems

Final Year Project at ISEL

System created to provide PSTN services (voice and fax) over a digital communication channel. It involved designing the system, producing two prototypes and programming the system using a real-time kernel (RTKEmb) running on a PC/104 computer

CD Player

Microcontrollers' coursework at ISEL

CD player based on a CD-ROM controlled via a 8051 microcontroller, emulating the IDE-ATA-ATAPI protocols, including a VFD display and a wireless remote controller

High-End Audio DAC for CD Player

Electronics project (BSc final project) at ISEL

High quality 24-bit 96kHz delta-sigma DAC + pre-amplifier circuits with SNR > 112dB

Infra-red High-Power and Intelligent Illuminator for Automatic License Plate Recognition System

The infra-red LEDs are controlled via a MSP430 microcontroller which drives them via high-current short duration pulses, synchronous with the analogue video signal from the camera, whenever a car is detected on a highway toll. All circuit parameters (pulse duration, delay, illumination power and temperature) were accessed via an RS-232 interface. This system has been employed in all main Portuguese highways

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System Development Kit for 80C537

USB and Flash support

Development kit for the 80C537, an improved version to the existent 80C535 kit at ISEL. It included support for USB interface, flash for non-volatile program storage and reset over terminal interface

Temperature Control Expansion Board for SD80C537

with graphic display, keyboard and HDD-ATA interface

Expansion board for the SD80C537 microcontroller for temperature control. It included ADCs, DACs, drivers for the Peltier element, and interfaces for temperature sensors, keyboard and graphic LCD display for stand-alone operation, and HDD-ATA interface for logging temperatures over a long period of time

ispMACH 4064V Development Board

Platform for ispMACH CLPD from Lattice

Simple development platform for Lattice's CPLDs, providing programming interface, power supply and exposing all of device's pins

RFID Card Reader

Final project at Universidade Autónoma

Students project based on a RFID card reader attached to a RaspberryPi.

Portuguese ID Card Reader

Early prototype of a module to read ID cards at ETConcept

Embedded system capable of reading information via the card's interface for access control.

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Emotai HeadBand

Prototype of a low-power wearable for eSports gamers

Acquisition system based on an ultra-low-power for Electroencephalography, HeartRate, 9DoF Accelerometry, Direction and Orientation, and communication to the host computer/phone via Bluetooth

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