Rui Policarpo Duarte

Electronics & Telecom, BSc, Eng

Electrical & Computing, MSc

Electrical & Electronics, PhD


About me

I'm a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DEI) at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), University of Lisbon (UL), and researcher at INESC-ID. I'm interested in reconfigurable, energy-efficient, high-performance, fault-tolerant and reliable computing architectures; embedded systems design and optimization; stochastic computing; and communication networks.



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Teaching Activities


I'm an assistant professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at IST and I teach:

    Introduction to Computer Architectures

    Computer Organization

    Distributed Systems

    Operating Systems

In the past I've lectured at the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon (Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa - ISEL) and Autonomous University of Lisbon (Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa - UAL).

There I taught subjects such as: Computer Networking, Circuit Analysis, Electronics, Object-Oriented Programming and Programming Paradigms.

I have also acted as Graduate Teaching Assistant at Imperial College London, where I was supporting the students in the lab (Digital System Design coursework, High-level Synthesis project, Introduction to Python and Matlab).


Open posistions @INESC-ID


    2018 MSc Co-Advisor, Alberto Monteiro, Aeronautical Engineering, IST/ULisbon;

    2018 MSc Advisor, Dinis Madeira, Computer Science and Engineering, IST/ULisbon;

    2017 MSc Co-Advisor, César Gouveia, Electronics and Computer Engineering, IST/ULisbon;

    2017 MSc Advisor, Helena Cruz, Computer Science and Engineering, IST/ULisbon;

    2017 MSc Advisor, Álvaro Simões, Computer Science and Engineering, IST/ULisbon;

    2017 MSc Co-Advisor, Guilherme Lima, Electronics and Computer Engineering, IST/ULisbon;

    2014 MSc Co-Advisor, Hugo Fernandes, "Probabilistic Accelerator for the NIOS soft-processor", Electrical Engineering, Coimbra University.


    2017 Internship Advisor, Benjamin D'Aletto, INESC-ID;

    2016 Summer Internship Advisor, Guilherme Beja, INESC-ID;

    2016 Summer Internship Advisor, José Dias, INESC-ID;

    2016 Extra-curricular Project Advisor, Bruno Martins, Hugo Inocêncio, Marco Carmo, António Almeida, Luis Galhoz, "Intelligent emergency alerting system for search & rescue teams", CEDET-ISEL and UAL, Lisbon; Texas Instruments Europe Design Contest 2016 Entry Report pdf

    2016 Final Year Project Advisor, Pedro Faria, "Wireless power solution for auto steering wheels", Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon;

    2016 Final Year Project Advisor, Filipe Cunha, "Wireless sensors for diapers to monitor babies' wellbeing", Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon;

    2015 R&D Intern Advisor, André Duarte, "Evaluation of embedded systems and analog electronics for ECG acquisition systems", Cardio-Id Technologies and Instituto Superior Técnico;

    2015 Final Year Project Co-Advisor, João Soares and João Liquito, "Safe Highways: autonomous modular alerting system", Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa;

    2015 Final Year Project Co-Advisor, Eduardo Sousa, "Smart Bike", Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa;

    2015 Final Year Project Co-Advisor, Paulo Isidoro, "Noise monitoring system for nurseries", Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa;


I'm promoting the creation of student groups to develop projects in computing, electronics and telecommunications.

I'm organizing the 3rd edition of the Blokus Duo design competition at XVI Workshop on Reconfigurable Systems, February 2020.

I've organized the first two editions of the Blokus Duo 2018 and Blokus Duo 2019 design competition at Workshop on Reconfigurable Systems, 14-15th February 2018.


At the moment I'm a Research Associate in the Electronic System Design and Automation (ESDA) group at Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Investigacao e Desenvolvimento (INESC-ID), Lisboa. Here I'm devoted to research on reconfigurable (FPGA) and embedded systems. Occasionally, I collaborate with CEDET-ISEL.

In the past:

    Research Fellow, Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica (ISR-UC), Coimbra;

      - Responsible for the production of research material related to BAMBI project, project documentation and deliverables, choice of hardware development platforms and software, support and training of MSc and PhD students in reconfigurable hardware circuit design, and verification.

    Research Assistant, Imperial College London, United Kingdom;

      - Research in fault-tolerant and partially-reconfigurable systems; responsible for designing a module for online testing of IP blocks for an artificial pancreas. Also, implementation of the Min-res algorithm on a ProcStar V from Gidel (Novo-G).

    Research Assistant, Instituto de Telecomunicacoes (IT-IST), Lisbon;

      - Research in acceleration of transport protocols for Internet over DVB-RCS satellites; responsible for the simulation of the new protocol in NS2 and its documentation.

    Research Intern, Centro de Estudos e Desenvolvimento em Electronica e Telecomunicacoes (CEDET-ISEL), Lisbon;

      - Development of hardware and software for embedded systems and development of analog, digital and mixed-signal circuits and systems, such as projects: "Infra-red light emitting source for license plates", and "Liquid's conductance logger"; 80C537 system development kit;

Research Topics:

    Reconfigurable architectures for high-performance computing;

    Design methods for circuit area, performance, resilience and power optimization;

    Architectures for fault-tolerance and error minimization;

    Stochastic computing;

Research Projects:

    [2018] SARRROCA - Synthetic Aperture Radar Robust Reconfigurable Optimized Computing Architecture, FCT Project;

    [2014] BAMBI - Bottom-up Approaches to Machines dedicated to Bayesian Inference,, EU collaborative FET Project 618024;

    [2014] DeSyRe - on-Demand System Reliability, FP7 STREP project 287611,, Imperial College London, United Kingdom;

    [2010] Novo-G - high-performance reconfigurable computing architectures for the reconfigurable cluster Novo-G at the NSF Center of High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing (CHREC) - University of California, Imperial College London, United Kingdom;

    [2006-2008] TOP - Transport Protocol for DVB-RCS Inter-operable PEP,, Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT-IST), Lisbon;

    [2005-2006] High-power infra-red lighter for license plates, deployed in Brisa highways (Portugal), developed at Centro de Estudos e Desenvolvimento de Electrónica e Telecomunicações - Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa.


    Intel/Altera Corporation

    Trenz Electronics

    Texas Instruments

    Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT/MCTES)

Research Opportunities:

I welcome applications from top students interested in working in my research areas, for PhD, MSc, or summer internships. Please get in touch for further discussion.

At the moment, there's a research grant available for participation in SARRROCA project at INESC-ID in Lisbon, Portugal. Candidates are expected to have experience in fault tolerant system design with FPGAs (Intel and Xilinx) and LEON3 processor. Candidates should also have the MSc title awarded. Please contact me for any inquiries.


Consultancy & Collaborations

I aspire to establish partnerships with other research groups and industry via participation in projects, or supporting of short/long term research students (MSc/PhD).

Consultancy services include advice, training, expert insight and other services related to my areas of expertise.

Current and past ollaborations with industry:


    Brisa Inovação

    Cardio-Id Technologies




Activities & Academic Projects

Electronics Club at UAL: Christmas tree activity (2014)
BlokusDuo FPGA + Arduino Design Competition (2018)
Temperature and core voltage control setup to test variability on FPGAs (2012)
Intelligent Infrared light emitter for license plate recognition (2004)
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