With the advancement in display, sensing and computer technology, it gives the user a new VR experiences which are more realistic and immersive for different VR applications. VR can lead to new and exciting discoveries in different fields. There are wide range of applications for VR which includes:

The potential of VR in entertainment is clear and huge as the entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollars and consumers are always interested on its novelty.
The VR video game world was popularized already by the Disney Movie Tron in 1982. Today the video games are explored in large and realism world through an avatar. In VR games, gamers can look in any direction or walk through the scene.

Hollywood movies offers increasing degrees of realism to make user feel like they are part of the scene. They let the user totally immerse in computer generated world with the help of HMD that supports a stereoscopic view of the scene accordingly to the user’s position and orientation enhanced by audio, haptic and sensory interfaces.

In addition to creating social awareness, the first-person perspective could revolutionize education scenario we have today. Anything that is too dangerous, expensive, or impractical to do in reality, virtual reality is the solution. VR offers visualisation of geometric relationships in difficult concepts or data that are hard to interpret. If the real environment is costly or hazardous to health, VR is the best choice to understand and learn it. For example, flight simulation or firefighting, nuclear power plant safety, medical procedures etc are the training in VR which are useful for education. Not just these common uses, VR education includes history, anthropology and foreign language acquisition. Students can explore the streets in 17th-century, on different era rather than just reading a book.

VR technology can also help improve today’s distributed health care system, in which doctors train to perform routine medical procedures in remote communities around the world. Doctors can immerse themselves in 3D organ models that were generated from medical scan data for better planning and preparation for a medical procedure. It can also be used to explaining the patient and his family so that they make more informed decisions. VR can also provide therapy to people suffering from mental illness.

The manufacturing industry have used virtual realty to the models and design it before implementing it.

Virtual Reality has been used to create histrorical sites, which then enables users to experience it with comfort from your house. For instance you can even create the war that happened at and location and feel being in war.

T The advertisment and shopping experience would be even better with VR. In case of shopping experiences even Agumented Reality are used to get information of products.

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