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Arlindo Oliveira

Distinguished professor of Instituto Superior Técnico, with the CSE Dept. President of INESC. PhD in EECS from UC Berkeley in 1994, with a Fulbright fellowship. BSc (1986) and MSc (1989) in EECS from IST. Areas of interest: Algorithms and Complexity, Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, and Digital Circuit Design. Researcher at CERN, Cadence Berkeley Laboratories (previously) and INESC-ID. Member of the Portuguese Academy of Engineering and senior member of IEEE.


The Digital Mind: How Science is Redefining Humanity

A book published in English by MIT Press, in Portuguese by IST Press, and in Chinese by CITIC Press, about computation, evolution, life, brains, and intelligence (available at your favorite bookstore, including Bertrand, Almedina, Fnac, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Wook).


Digital Minds, the Blog

A blog that addresses the many questions raised by new technologies, in the areas of computers, artificial intelligence, bioengineering, neurosciences, machine learning, bioinformatics and related matters.


Artificial Intelligence

A book published by Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos (see promo video here), about the technologies and applications of Artificial Intelligence (available in Portuguese, at a bookstore near you Fnac, Almedina, Bertrand, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Wook).


Media Appearances

Appearances on the media about topics such as digital minds, computational thinking, artificial intelligence, and the future of technology. Includes podcasts, videos, television shows, radio and newspaper interviews (mostly in Portuguese, some in English).


Scientific Publications

Journal and conference articles, in public and private databases, in the areas of algorithms, machine learning, bioinformatics, computational biology and computer aided design.


Público: Chronicles

My monthly chronicles in the Portuguese newspaper Público, covering technology, information and communication technologies and science, in general (sorry, only available in Portuguese).


Computer Architecture: Digital Circuits to Microprocessors

A book I co-authored (with José Monteiro and Guilherme Arroz), covering digital circuits, computer architecture and assembly programming published in Portuguese by IST Press and in English by World Scientific avaliable at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other bookstores.


Learn to change the world

Give a man a fish, and feed him for one day. Teach a man to fish, and feed him for a lifetime. Now, teach a man to think, and he will change the world! The institutional video of Técnico, a School for the World.


Computer Generated Art

A few samples of computer generated art. Using algorithms that adapt the input to the style of particular artists, you too can transform your personal pictures into works of art. Your milleage may vary but, in some cases, quite surprising results can be obtained using these simple optimization algorithms.


ALGO 2021 Conference

The ALGO 2021 conference, which include ESA, ALGOSENSORS, ALGOCLOUD, ATMOS, IPEC and WAOA, to be held in Lisbon.


A different breed of people

We are a different breed of people. In a way, we never stopped being children. The same insatiable curiosity, the same fascination with the unkown...


ELIXIR Portugal Node

The ELIXIR Portugal Node, an infrastruture dedicated to the task of making bioinformatics useful to the Portuguese Scientific Community, where I served as Head of Node.



INESC-ID, a research institute connected with IST, which develops work in the areas of computer science and electrical enginnering, in the topics of Energy, Information and Decision Support Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Electronics and Communication Networks.


Instituto Superior Técnico

Instituto Superior Técnico is the engineering school of the University of Lisbon, where I am a professor of the Computer Science and Engineering Department. The largest engineering school in Portugal, it has more than 12000 students and ranks amongst the top 20 engineering schools in Europe.


CERN: Accelerating Science

Seeking and finding answers to questions about the universe, advancing the frontiers of technology, bringing nations together through science, training the scientists of tomorrow.


UC Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley, where I obtained a PhD degree in 1994. Great place to live and to study, specially if you love idiosyncratic people and ideas, intelectual challenges and good food. Settled in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, it is truly a unique place to live and to study.



The beautiful city of Lisbon, full of wonderful views, smart restaurants and curious streets. The place to be if you love history, good food and friendly people. Also a great place to work, study or, simply, enjoy yourself in the company of friends.


Valores Próprios

The magazine of IST, featuring the many events that happen regularly in the school, covering education, research, entrepreneurship, sporting events and much, much more. The name is a play on words that, regrettably, is lost in translation.


Conferences and journals

Conferences that I organized or where I participated in the program committee and journals where I was editor, reviewer or contributor, in some other category.


Travel pictures

Some chosen pictures, mostly of places, landscapes and people, chosen from my favorites, in no particular order. The list will keep growing as I find the time to select the pictures.


Book Reviews

Some book reviews I have been making, which are also part of the blog Digital Minds. They cover mosttly topics related with digital and artificial minds, but anything goes, really.


Columns in Medium

My articles published in Medium, mostly about computing, artificial intelligence and science policy.



Yeastract (Yeast Search for Transcription Regulators And Consensus Tracking) is a curated repository of more than 200.000 regulatory associations between transcription factors and target genes in Saccharomices cerevisiae.



HeartGenetics, a digital health company that adds intelligence to genetic data. Supported by a strong knowledge on cardiovascular genetics, it develops wellness genetic tests which are instrumental in the definition of highly personalised lifestyle plans..